Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is this suffering, is it some affliction? The pain of a million little marks of this addiction. Your cry of despair is breaking through with conviction.

What is this hold that the world has upon you? The cold hard grasp of the past that you've gone through. His words are standing true so pick up your cross and move!

What is this doubt that weighs you down? The whispers and lies, they spin you round. The Lord is here and sets you free, so jump up cause from these chains, you are released.

What is this prayer that which you pray? For Christ to come in your heart and stay! Little child, He loves you and will ne'er go away.

He loves you forever and ever, Amen.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspired from a text message I recieved the other night.

The words of wisdom learned over time, past experience reveal these little bits and they shape us. The bits gather; weathered, broken shards, pieces of our lives.
the dust finally settles, all that had been, it forms a fractal of beauty, the past. Vibrant colors, spewing, glistening... Wisdom.
Love, the exception. No wisdom to be taken. Understanding starts to fall. All that was known, crashes; connected bits of life shatter.
Light shines through, brilliant. Happiness is found? A rare occasion in a world of men.
To love, to know, life turns towards the climax. A new shape is formed. Pieces of radiant beauty, our hearts two to one.
We've found it..
The wisdom of these words.

And this is where we begin, kiddos

My name is Brie,
I'm 18,
From Ohio,
And people say I'm pretty cool, so that must be right? Right. ;) So now that's all established, yeah. I normally create things like this because it creates the illusion that people actually care about what I'm saying, so if you don't care, well just pretend, for me? ツ
I have a tumblr: pepsigma,
a twitter:Brie_Pepsi, and
a streamzoo: Brie_pepsi.
If you feel compelled to, follow me there!

What I'd like for this blog to be is just random writings of myself and the inspiration that comes. So, yeah. ツ