Friday, February 15, 2013

Update on my walk with the Creator

Wow. So much has happen since I last have been here...
-made a new friend.
-had my heart torn apart by the one I loved and the One.
-fell into a low depression point, making wrong choices and decisions.
-decided upon a college I was to attend.
-graduated High School.
-managed to get a $15,500 scholarship, even with being in the low end of the top 50% of student GPA.
-had an incredible summer.
-met my future husband, fiancé.
-fell in love.
-dropped out of college, enrolled in a community college.

and then here I am now. And,

God has been doing some crazy, crazy awesome stuff. Called me out of the church I was attending, but has not called my love. And God has told me to give him space while he figures things out. Its so hard to be apart. It feels like I am missing an essential part of me; half of my heart. I love him so much, and God has a plan. If it we are meant to be, God will make it happen. And that's how Valentine's Day was spent; praying for my love and talking with my best friend.

The Lord is telling all of us to run from sin. He breaks our legs so He can carry us. We are never alone.

When in doubt, Pray. Always Pray.

3 a.m. will come, and when it does, I will pray and study His Word.

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